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How to Prove Fault in a Car Accident

When you’re involved in a car accident and it’s someone else’s fault, it can have a devastating effect on your life. Not only can it result in physically debilitating injuries, but it can damage your ability to earn a living, cause emotional damage and even disrupt your personal relationships. When this happens, you deserve to Read More

Nursing Home Bedsores Are Dangerous and Preventable

Bedsores – or pressure ulcers – are one of the biggest problems faced by residents of nursing homes. They also can be more dangerous than most people realize. Yet they can and should be avoided. Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that as many as one out of 10 nursing home residents Read More

Common Causes and Liability in Trucking Accidents

Just like any vehicular accident, there are a broad range of factors that can contribute to a crash involving a big truck. Unfortunately, trucking accidents are still on the rise all across the country and they tend to be far more devastating than accidents involving two cars. When you do get hurt in a truck Read More

Consumers Advised Not to Sign Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements

Putting a loved one into a nursing home is difficult and overwhelming. Decisions must be made and documents signed. Unfortunately,   many nursing homes tuck into those documents a mandatory arbitration agreement, so that if there is neglect or malfeasance, the case would go to a hearing before an arbitrator rather than to court. That Read More

The Importance of Evidence For Your Big Truck Case

Getting into an accident with a big truck is devastating and disorienting. When you are surrounded by the chaos of an accident, it is easy to forget details from that will help you win your case against the trucking company. We at Stewart Bell, PLLC cannot stress enough the importance of documenting as much as Read More

Why Truck Accidents Happen and How to Avoid Them

Currently, on roadways across the United States, about 9% of all traffic-related fatalities involve large commercial vehicles like 18-wheeler trucks. Trucking accidents, in fact, are on the rise across the nation, with the numbers being up by 20% over the past two decades. That’s an epidemic level. The IIHS reports that, in 2010 alone, there Read More

Beware of Staffing Shortages at Nursing Homes

Many people who are interested in helping others are attracted to working at nursing homes. Unfortunately, some of them find it hard to do their best when they find themselves in nursing homes that are understaffed. In such situations, workloads can become unrealistic, the needs of residents fail to be met, and the health of those Read More

How to Protect Yourself After a Big Truck Accident

An accident with a large truck can be a traumatic event, so it might be hard to think clearly right after it happens. But it is important to gather as much information as soon as possible. The first thing you want to do is contact law enforcement authorities as soon as possible. It is important Read More

How Far Back Does Disability Pay?

Those applying for social security disability (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI) based on disability often have to wait many weeks or months between the time they apply and the time they receive their first check. Since applicants’ disabilities prevent them from earning normal income, they often badly need the money they miss out on Read More

Nursing Home Falls Are Preventable

Falls by nursing home residents are a big problem. According to the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only about 5 percent of adults ages 65 and older live in nursing homes, but nursing home residents account for about 20 percent of deaths from falls in their age group. The CDC also reports Read More

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