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4 Most Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

When your loved one is the victim of abuse in a nursing facility, it’s not your fault. Nobody sets out to have their beloved family members in such a scary and painful situation. There is, however, something you can do about it if you know what to look for. Learn about the four most common Read More

Scaffolding Accidents: What You Need to Know

Working in the construction industry is one of the most hazardous careers you can undertake. There are more accidents that result in death among construction workers every year than in practically any other job market in the U.S. Among those accidents, the most common are of the slip-and-fall variety, more often than not from scaffolding. Read More

How to Make Sure You’re Paid Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance. That means it’s supposed to be in place to protect those of us who get injured while working. Unfortunately, it happens all-too-often: a person is seriously hurt in the course of employment and when they put in a claim for the coverage they so badly need — it’s Read More

I Was Hurt by a Coworker; What Can I Do?

Workers’ compensation exists specifically to help people who get hurt in the course of employment. This is the case regardless of the cause of the injury. If you get hurt while working and the injury had anything to do with work, this insurance will kick in. If a coworker carelessly leaves a crate of paper Read More

Nursing Home Abuse: What You Need to Know

According to the U.S. Census bureau, within the next 30 years, a full one-fifth of our population will be over the age of sixty-five. This means that there will be more than 60 million senior citizens in the United States alone. That also means many more people in nursing homes. With healthcare staffing at crisis Read More

I Was Hurt at a Construction Site; What Are My Options?

Construction sites are dangerous places. That may seem an understatement, but as obvious as it is, there are still far too many injuries that happen in proximity to these places every year. When you’re in an accident that results in harm or disability at a place of construction, you are owed compensation for the injuries Read More

I Was Hurt on Public Transit; Do I Have Legal Options?

Anytime you suffer an injury and it’s someone else’s fault you feel helpless, embarrassed and angry. When it happens on public transportation it can be even worse because you feel like the driver or operator should’ve been more careful, should be the best driver possible. You might even wonder if you’ve got any recourse to Read More

Road Construction Accidents: What You Need to Know

Driving through a construction zone can be a harrowing experience. There are orange cones everywhere, the ground is uneven, other drivers are going way too fast, and there are hazards around every corner. What happens when you’re in an accident and it’s specifically because of the construction company’s failure to provide safe passage? You may Read More

If I’m Hit by a Semi Truck Who’s at Fault?

Accidents involving 18-wheelers and other big-rig trucks are all-too-often catastrophic in their scope. Because of the sheer size and mass of these vehicles, the damage they cause is far greater than that of an accident between two cars. This also means that victims face a much greater chance of death and long-term or permanent disability Read More

Why You Need Underinsured Motorist Coverage

You’re out enjoying a leisurely drive when suddenly it happens: someone else is behaving irresponsibly behind the wheel, makes a colossally bad decision, and you end up in a serious accident. You face major injuries and seek compensation. You win the case, only to find out that the insurance company only covers them to a Read More

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